Top 5 Reasons You Need Testosterone Boosters

We all know that testosterone is the essential male hormone that helps men function, stay fit, and feel healthy. But many men don’t realize just how serious low testosterone can be or what they can do about it. Testosterone boosters can help you keep your testosterone levels at a normal, high level. Here are five reasons that we at Black Diamond Supplements think you might need testosterone boosters:

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1.  To fight the effects of aging – Nature isn’t always kind, and many men begin experiencing a decline in testosterone before they even realize it. A man’s testosterone levels peak in his 20s and he can begin experiencing substantial declines before age 30. From 30 through middle age, testosterone decline contributes to deterioration of your youthful physique and after middle age it can even lead to sexual dysfunction. The sooner you add testosterone boosters to your fitness toolkit, the less you have to worry about these natural but devastating effects of low testosterone.

2.  To improve gains from your workout – If you care about your muscle mass, you should be using testosterone boosters. Testosterone helps the body endure long workouts and build muscle rapidly. This is why younger men have an easier time adding muscle than older men do, and why even existing muscle is harder to maintain as you age.

3.  To keep off belly fat – Testosterone helps your body burn fat and keep it off in the first place. The paunch or “beer belly” that many men develop as they age is often connected to testosterone and your body’s declining ability to stay lean and fit. Testosterone boosters help counteract this and can contribute to an effective weight loss program.

4.  To improve sexual performance – This is the big one. Testosterone is integral to male sexual health. It is one of the major determinants of your potency and virility. Low testosterone is linked with lower libido and sexual dysfunction, including impotence, which can lead to a dissatisfied partner. Testosterone boosters directly contribute to improved sexual function.

5.  To keep your head right – Most men don’t realize it, but testosterone is a major factor in your mood. Men with high testosterone levels feel a sense of energy and clarity. Low testosterone, on the other hand, is connected to depression, lack of energy, and irritability. In other words, you need testosterone to feel happy and healthy.                                                                                                          

Clearly testosterone is vital to men’s health in a variety of ways. Have you tried testosterone boosters? How do you feel with and without them? Check out our inventory at Black Diamond Supplements for testosterone boosters that will improve your health and life!

The Bias of the Prohormone Ban – Restricting Some Drugs and Not Others

As many of you may know, in December of 2014, a prohormone ban was signed into law restricting the use of certain substances and the supplements containing them, and having massive implications for the bodybuilding world at large. The legislation restricts the use of prohormones with a similar structure, derivation, and (more importantly) purpose as anabolic steroids. What this means in layman’s terms is that any supplement that is meant to increase muscle mass and testosterone the way a steroid would went off the market as of the moment the bill was passed.

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The health and fitness community has been understandably outraged at the news and is questioning the rights of lawmakers to determine what they should be putting in their bodies. After all, what kind of standard allows people to imbibe alcoholic beverages that led to the deaths of 88,000 people a year from 2006-2010 according to the CDC, but doesn’t allow a substance which cannot be positively tied to mortality?

But this isn’t the first time that the government has used flawed logic and bias to make its decisions. Lots of substances are illegal for a reason, but the criterion by which lawmakers classify them and thereby outlaw them has always been somewhat sketchy.

Take marijuana, for example: while the substance obviously has certain side effects, they are generally considered to be somewhat mild (even by medical professionals), especially when compared with other schedule I drugs with which cannabis has been classified. Imagine receiving the same penalty for possessing marijuana as for possessing heroin! The government’s reasons for classifying the drug so inaccurately? Pressure from a bunch of paranoid parents in the ’70s and ’80s and the political agendas of certain lawmakers. Never mind the science.

The same thing can be said of the prohormone ban. While listed as a Schedule III substance, indicating some potential for abuse, some known medical uses, and moderate to low psychological dependence, prohormones have mostly suffered from political pressure and bad press. It’s easy for lawmakers to generalize about the dangers of steroids and act like they are passing laws in the interests of the people, but what about those people’s rights?

Prohormones arguably only pose a threat to the people who use them – unlike legal substances like alcohol and tobacco – and are perfectly safe when used correctly. If you used these prohormones intelligently and followed the appropriate cycles, they only enhanced your body and helped you to achieve fitness goals. The pills carried no greater risk than you might otherwise face just by working yourself so hard. It begs the question: shouldn’t you be able to decide for yourself?

So what does all this mean for you? Well, at present, it’s illegal to buy or sell some of your favorite prohormones and there’s not much to be done about it in the short term. In the meantime, you can do three things:

  1. Keep working out!
  2. Find alternatives that are legal.
  3. Educate people and raise awareness on the topic. Perhaps with some deft campaigning and some well-directed petitions, popular opinion will sway politicians in the right direction.

How to Tell If a Fat Burner Supplement is Real

Fat burner supplements are the secret weapon in the fight to stay slim or get slim. Many fitness professionals, celebrities, and athletes have discovered the power of fat burners. But there is a sea of supplements out there to choose from, and many people aren’t sure which ones are legit. So how can you tell a real fat burner supplement that will work – like the ones we provide here at Black Diamond Supplements – from the cheap imitations? Here are four good signs:

Red Acid fat burner supplement1.  It requires good diet – As much as we would all like to believe otherwise, even the most effective fat burner supplements are designed to work alongside healthy eating, not replace it. There simply is no way to substantially reduce your fat if you are eating too many calories or an unhealthy, unbalanced diet. That doesn’t mean you need to go for crazy fad diets—a supplement that tells you to eat under 1000 calories a day probably only works because of calorie restriction anyway. But you should expect to cut back on sugar, carbs, and fat and increase your fruit, veggie, and protein intake.

2.  It works best with exercise – Just like with diet, fat burner supplements only improve the results you get from a good exercise routine. In fact, many fat burners are designed specifically to complement serious workout and fitness regimens. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a body builder in order to see results; even moderate exercise on a regular basis will help put those burners into action. At Black Diamond Supplements, we recommend trying to get a half hour of exercise in 3-5 times a week and using a fat burner supplement that matches your exercise goals.

3.  The ingredients are proven – This should be obvious, but all the hype and marketing out there often distracts people from asking this very basic question: are the ingredients in this supplement proven to actually work? Sometimes, finding this out takes a little basic research on your part. There are many natural compounds that have true fat burning properties, either by increasing your metabolism or by discouraging your body from storing fat in the first place. Read up on the ingredients before you buy.

4.  It has been tested and shown to work – As with individual ingredients, each supplement can be tested to see what its results are. Some companies take this step and others do not. Look for tested supplements that make their results known.

There are plenty of effective fat burners out there, and it just takes a little knowledge and patience to find them. What has gotten you interested in fat burner supplements? Call or contact us at Black Diamond Supplements today to find out which fat burner is right for you!

When Should You Use Nitric Oxide Supplements?

Nitric oxide supplements get a lot of buzz in the fitness community. But it seems like every week there are more and more supplements competing for our attention. Not all of them are going to make a difference for your fitness needs, but for a lot of weightlifters and athletes, nitric oxide should be one of their first picks. So who exactly will get a worthwhile boost from nitric? At least three types of people. You should be using nitric oxide if:nitric oxide supplements

If you’re an endurance athlete

Many people associate nitric oxide supplements only with weightlifting, but this is missing the point of what nitric oxide does—and missing out on a huge benefit for any kind of endurance athlete. As a potent vasodilator, nitric oxide helps keep blood flow to your muscles high, and thus helps them get the increased levels of oxygen they need during athletic events… even over the long term. Cyclists, runners, and swimmers will all find that their stamina improves with the help of nitric oxide supplements. For the same reason, nitric oxide can be a huge help to athletes in sports like football, soccer, basketball, or hockey where the physical activity is more intermittent but still takes place over the course of several demanding hours.

If you want less fatigue in your workout

While endurance athletes should take note, let’s not forget that a serious weightlifting workout is by design one of the most high-endurance athletic acts possible. An endurance workout is meant to push your muscles to their limit so that they have to step up, grow, and become stronger over a length of time. This can be difficult to accomplish if you find yourself flagging halfway through. With nitric oxide, you will find that you have less muscle fatigue and that it takes longer to set in, allowing you to finish the most demanding workouts and meet your fitness goals.

To recover faster from each workout

Fatigue isn’t just something that hits during a workout. Once your workout is complete, you can find yourself flagging a few hours later, the next day, or even two days later. A workout takes a lot out of your body and you cannot participate in your next workout until your body has fully recovered to avoid overtraining. At the same time, if your recovery time takes too long, it can be nearly impossible get the gain you want out of your workout. Nitric oxide helps by shortening recovery time, allowing you to stick to your workout schedule without the risk of overtraining and undermining your efforts.

The benefits of nitric oxide supplements are seemingly endless and can help make all of your hard work a little easier if you’re an active athlete or work out often. Contact Black Diamond Supplements today for more information at (877)778-4761.

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What Nitric Oxide Supplements can Do for You

If you’re getting serious about fitness, you’re probably wondering which supplements will truly help your workout. Here at Black Diamond Supplements, we make it our business to understand everything there is to know about fitness and the things that will help you to achieve it. And one kind of supplement that you’ll hear about again and again is nitric oxide, which is an antioxidant and vasodilator that your body already uses naturally. Taking it will boost the levels of the nitric oxide in your body, increasing blood flow and having dramatic effects on your workout. These effects include the following:

weight lifter that nitric oxide supplements could help

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1.  Less fatigue – Fatigue is the enemy during serious weight training workouts. While good results can be achieved with short, “explosive” sets of few reps, it will get diminished results over time if that’s your only workout. Sooner or later, if you are serious about fitness, you will do longer sets with more reps and notice that the fatigue starts to become wicked by the halfway point. Nitric oxide supplements help counteract this with the increased flow of blood, meaning more oxygen for your muscle tissue and less muscle fatigue. That means you can more effectively get through your longer sets—or long holds of static exercises—and reap the benefits.

2.  Faster recovery – Recovery time after a workout is vital to producing good results. For casual workouts, a one day on, one day off model often works (or alternating upper and lower body each day, but after serious workouts you may find you need two or more days of rest before the fatigue is gone. This can severely slow down your training schedule and hamper your gains. Nitric oxide, however, has the effect of reducing recovery time, helping you to get back into the gym faster without overtraining. Note that this does not replace other important elements for reducing recovery time, like having a small meal before training and a quick protein-rich snack afterwards. But if you’re already observing these basics, nitric oxide can dramatically change your recovery window.

3.  Better enduranceNitric oxide supplements are great for endurance athletes, not just weight lifters. Anyone who plans on running a marathon, doing a triathlon or engaging in long-distance cycling can benefit from nitric oxide. The same goes for swimmers. Basically, anyone who may suffer from exhaustion during a long session of athletic endurance is going to see a very real benefit in the increased circulation caused by nitric oxide.

4.  Improved muscle pump – While muscle pump isn’t something to specifically train for, it is your body’s natural response to weight training and it looks and feels great. Thanks to the added blood flow, muscle pump will be more pronounced with nitric oxide supplements than without.

Have you tried nitric oxide supplements? At Black Diamond Supplements, we believe that these additions to your routine can drastically improve the results of your workout. Contact us today for more information about this product and to see if it’s right for you!

What to Look for in Fat Burner Supplements

Looking to lose some weight in a safe and natural manner? Fat burner supplements may be the choice for you, but how do you choose which ones to trust? Unless you’re a nutritionist or doctor it can be hard; however, there are some key signs that indicate an effective, useful supplement that will really help you shed some pounds. According to us at Black Diamond Supplements, these include the following:

fat burner supplement1.  No unrealistic promises – We all know there is no such thing as the fabled “miracle pill,” and yet many people continue to fall for unrealistic claims anyway. These claims take advantage of our hope that there is an easy solution to our weight problems. There are solutions, but they will generally work gradually and they always work best when paired with sustainable healthy diets and at least moderate regular exercise. In other words, a fat burner supplement that says it can help you lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks is quite possibly correct—as long as you understand that you’ll also need to eat healthy and work out. Fat burners are meant to boost the results of diet and exercise, not replace them.

2.  Ingredients proven to work – Over and over we see ineffective fat burners with unproven or even disproven ingredients being touted as the real thing. In the fitness industry, it can sometimes be hard to see past the marketing hype. But if you look closely, the best fat burner supplements will eventually get down to brass tacks and talk about their individual ingredients and the research behind them. It’s worth reading up on the studies in question or even just visiting the Wikipedia page for each ingredient. This can give you a sense of whether the ingredients in a given supplement really have led to weight loss in controlled studies, and what dosage is needed. Remember, a supplement that contains too small a dose of an effective ingredient is, basically, an ineffective supplement.

3.  High-quality ingredients – The quality of an ingredient is different from whether it works or not. You’ve probably noticed a difference between, say, fresh ground black pepper versus pepper from a plastic shaker. The potency of natural ingredients like herbs and berries depends on many factors, including how they are grown and harvested. The best natural fat burner supplements will include information on their ingredient sourcing among their marketing materials to help you make an informed choice.

4.  A blend of multiple effective ingredients – Remember, lots of fat burner supplements choose one trendy ingredient and stick to it. While this is fine if the ingredient works, there’s no reason you can’t blend several proven winners—and some of the most trusted names in the fat burning industry are those that contain a blend of several powerful ingredients.


What else do you look for in a good fat burner supplement? Call or contact us at Black Diamond Supplements with any questions about our products. We’ll help you find the one that’s right for you!

How to Make Sure You’re Getting the Strongest Fat Burner

For those of us who value a toned physique, getting rid of fat is a must. Diet and exercise help a great deal with dropping excess fat, but even the healthiest people with the most disciplined workouts may find that they have stubborn fat deposits that won’t go away—and don’t look good. That’s when it’s a good idea to try a fat burning supplement, but if you do you want the strongest fat burner possible.

Unfortunately, the strongest fat burner isn’t always the easiest one to find. There are a lot of companies out there marketing their products as fat burners, often with little research behind them and with very deceptive promises. Good fat burners do exist, but you need to know what to look for.

Here are some tips from Black Diamond Supplements on how to get the strongest fat burner supplement on the market:

  • Avoid miracle pills – Fat burners have proven effects, but losing fat doesn’t happen in a vacuum. There is simply no realistic way to shed pounds that doesn’t involve physical exercise and a healthy diet. That fact is obscured by some of the lesser fat burners out there, who market themselves as miracle products that will zap fat simply by swallowing a pill. Don’t fall for it—a true fat burner is recommended for use in combination with a regular workout, not instead of one.
  • Focus on thermogenesis – There are many products that try to get rid of fat, but the most effective method for doing so is by boosting the body’s thermogenesis. Thermogenesis is the process by which the body creates heat, which requires calories from food and stored fat. The more heat your body produces, the more fat you can burn.Image of one of the strongest fat burners
  • Both ephedra and non-ephedra fat burners are available – Ephedra is one of the most effective supplements to boost thermogenesis and burn fat, but some people are hesitant to use it. That’s fine—other supplements can boost thermogenesis, as well. Capsaicin, the compound that makes peppers spicy, is a great example.
  • Expect to adjust your diet – Supplements can do a lot, but make sure you’re not working against yourself. Smaller, more frequent meals will deliver better results than a few heavy meals, and dishes that are light in carbs and big on protein and vegetables will really fuel your fat loss.

When you know what to look for, it’s not hard to find the strongest fat burners available. What do you do to burn fat?

If you are trying to find the best fat burner to combine with your diet and workout routine, contact us at Black Diamond Supplements today! We can help you choose the supplement that’s right for you!

Can Testosterone Boosters Improve Your Workout?

Image of someone who might use testosterone boosters lifting weights.

A lot of people want to have a toned, muscular physique. While many people spend all their time sitting on the couch, those of us who are serious about our bodies and our health go out and work hard to get (and stay) in shape. That means putting in time at the gym, following a disciplined workout schedule, and eating a diet that is conducive to fitness. Unfortunately, even for the most dedicated people, exercise and diet don’t always get the job done alone. At Black Diamond Supplements, we understand this dilemma better than anyone, and we know that testosterone boosters are one way to fix that.

The problem with working out is that over time, your gains diminish and it can be hard to maintain the muscles you’ve already built. This is often due to aging and the decline in testosterone levels that come with it. Both men and women’s bodies use testosterone in the process of forming muscle, and as they age their natural testosterone levels diminish. Even in men, this can start as early as age 30 – and with this decline in testosterone, it’s harder to keep fat off and muscle on.

That’s why testosterone boosters help. Testosterone boosters are natural supplements that help your body produce more testosterone no matter what age you are. This not only helps with men’s sexual health and performance, it also helps improve results in the gym.

It’s important to understand how testosterone boosters work. Testosterone boosters do not deposit the hormone directly into the body; instead, they contain important precursor compounds that are known to stimulate the body’s own testosterone production. These ingredients include fenugreek extract and many other natural substances that have been shown in clinical trials to increase testosterone levels. The goal is not to just give the body testosterone, but to help it produce more on its own.

Testosterone boosters are not the same thing as steroids. While steroid supplements also help increase workout results, many people prefer not to use them. In this case, testosterone boosters are a great alternative, as they offer some of the same results without the stigma. Be aware that some products may contain both steroids and testosterone boosters in a single formula, so always check the recipe on what you choose to buy.

With a high quality testosterone booster you can fight flab, stop or slow muscle loss, and keep seeing the gains you’ve always strived for in the past. As a natural product with proven benefits, testosterone boosters are an excellent way to jump-start your workout results. Call or contact us today at Black Diamond Supplements to figure out which one is right for you!

Blackstone Labs: The Source For All Your Supplement Needs

If you’re looking to gain a little bit of an advantage in your workout, it’s not uncommon to lean towards supplements in order to get the most of your hard work. However, It can be a daunting task to look at all the supplements out there and figure out which one is right for you. Luckily, Blackstone Labs offers a large variety of supplements that you can buy for a variety of tasks. If you’re looking to build lean muscle, maintain focus during a workout, or just get started with supplements, Blackstone Labs has you covered.blackstone

Building Lean Muscle With Ease

If you go to any gym with some serious gym rats, you’ll probably notice that they usually fall into two distinct camps: those that want to get huge and those who want to get cut. Super-DMZ Rx 2.0 is the supplement for those that want to add lean mass. Now in its third iteration, provides your system with two separate compounds that help produce harder, leaner muscle. Taking two pills every day for a four-week regimen can give you the results of a perfectly cut body that you’ve always dreamed about having. For maximum effectiveness, pair Super-DMZ Rx 2.0 with post cycle support supplements to help restore testosterone production after a cycle completes.

Get the Mental Advantage With “The Razor’s Edge”

Some supplement companies only address the physical side of what it takes to sculpt the perfect body. Blackstone Labs understands the mental toughness it takes to stick to a workout regimen that yields results, which is why they offer “The Razor’s Edge”, a supplement that offers you the determined focus you need to get the job done on the field and in the weight room. With “The Razor’s Edge”, you will feel the mental alertness you need in order to be at your best. It truly gives you an “edge” over the competition.

Supplements Available For Women and Beginners

An aisle full of supplements can look like a daunting mountain to climb for the uninitiated. It may be a difficult task to find the right place to start, but luckily, Blackstone Labs has you covered. Anogenin is Blackstone Labs answer for the beginner, as its effectiveness is seen in increased muscle development and loss of fat. This dual-effectiveness can allow the beginner to ease into the supplement world without pairing Anogenin with anything else. Anogenin is also a great option for women looking to build lean muscle and cut some fat, as it does not affect testosterone production.

It’s always important to read the labels and instructions properly before using supplements. Improper usage may not only be hazardous to your health; it can also make the supplements ineffective.